Sergio Alvarez

August 13, 2018
Department of Tourism, Events & Attractions: Rosen College of Hospitality Management Dr. Alvarez’s research focus is on issues related to fisheries, coastal adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts, valuation of ecosystem services, and modeling coupled social-ecological systems.  Past research focused on recreation, water, fisheries, and invasive species, and uses methods including non-market valuation, bioeconomic […]

Jacopo Baggio

August 13, 2018
School of Politics, Security, & International Affairs: College of Sciences Dr. Baggio’s research focuses on analyzing and modelling social-ecological systems.  Specifically on social-ecological networks, characterizing inter-dependencies between biodiversity, food, water, energy and decision making. The interaction between the social, the ecological and the technology at our disposal is of paramount importance to devise robust systems […]

Thomas Wahl

August 10, 2018
Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering: College of Engineering and Computer Science Dr. Wahl’s research connects civil/coastal engineering and various science disciplines (e.g., oceanography, hydrology, meteorology, climatology) to better understand the vulnerability of coastal societies, built infrastructure, and fragile ecosystems under climate change conditions. He studies changes in coastal sea levels (mean and extreme), […]