Nan Summers specializes in collaborative innovation and strategic partnerships that link all community sectors to achieve their highest potential. Summers High Performance Design evolved from her work compiling Manatee County’s submission to the US Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Field Hearing, “Ensuring a High-Quality Environment: Healthy Air, Land, Water, Economy, and Community”. For the past few years, she administered Manatee County’s $20M portfolio of 16 RESTORE Act projects, spanning RESTORE objectives to improve and protect habitat, water and marine resources, natural resource stewardship, environmental education, and promote community resilience.

Her unique background includes more than two decades with the Walt Disney Company in key leadership roles such as professional development for Walt Disney World’s 300-member Imagineering Design team, Arvida/Disney’s 2000 master planned community staff, Guest Satisfaction and Cast Excellence communication for Walt Disney World and Disneyland, co-founding the Disney Institute, and leading communication for 9000 Magic Kingdom Cast members as a member of its Executive Operating Team.

Rounding out her experience in other high-performance domains, Nan served as Director of Performance and Vitality for the Rippe Lifestyle Institute, Executive Director of Florida House Sustainable Living Public Demonstration, Community Relations Manager for the Economic Corporation of Sarasota County, and numerous non-profit staff and board member roles.  These diverse experiences connect by helping all ages learn skills for personal and organizational “ReNewAbility” to create resilient futures for themselves and their communities.