May 14, 2020

Cluster Faculty Focus

Sergio Alvarez

Sergio Alvarez , Ph.D.

Dr. Alvarez’s research focus is on issues related to fisheries, coastal adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts, valuation of ecosystem services, and modeling coupled social-ecological systems.

Jacopo Baggio

Jacopo Baggio , Ph.D.

Dr. Baggio’s research focuses on analyzing and modelling social-ecological systems. Specifically on social-ecological networks, characterizing inter-dependencies between biodiversity, food, water, energy and decision making.

Kristy Lewis

Kristy Lewis , Ph.D.

Dr. Lewis’ research investigates the ecology of natural and anthropogenic induced changes on estuarine and marine food webs and coastal communities.

Thomas Wahl

Thomas Wahl , Ph.D.

Dr. Wahl’s research connects civil/coastal engineering and various science disciplines (e.g., oceanography, hydrology, meteorology, climatology) to better understand the vulnerability of coastal societies, built infrastructure, and fragile ecosystems under climate change conditions.